Facebook VR Activation

Ad Week At Luna Park

In collaboration with event management specialists Our Friends Electric, Start VR implemented an activation over three days that included a dedicated VR app launcher, content curation, hardware installation design, and a team of experts to manage and present the media.


• All work shown here is my own, apart from on-site photographs.
• User Experience Lead – UX wireframes and user flow and testing
• User Interface Design – Design, creation & production delivery
• Collaboration – With Developer for iteration testing
• Brand development – Ownership and creation and development


Showcase Oculus Virtual Reality hardware solutions, Facebook’s Augmented Reality software solutions and to promote the talent of Australian immersive agencies.


• Custom Oculus GO experience “launcher” empowering users to make informed content selections.
• Curated experiences that showed off the most significant opportunities in immersive storytelling, advertising, gaming, education, and entertainment.
•  Journalists and VIP guests were invited to chat, share and collaborate in a virtual chat room using the Oculus SPACES app.


Facebook’s activation was deemed a critical success with trade and popular press generating articles and video stories on the event. For many event-goers, this was their first time inside Virtual Reality, and their reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Facebook plans to run more events like this in the future.